Doom 3



I've just bought doom 3 loaded it fine.(expantion pack hasnt turned up yet
although it is ordered.) could some one please tell me can I use a game pad
with doom 3? I cannot fined anywhere to change the options and in controllers
there is nothing.
Also I have got a 6800GT 256mb pci-e card but I am getting a shutter in some
of the graphic. I would of thought a card of this spec would of handled it
The grapic setting are screen res1024 by 768 pix at 32 bit colour and only
on good quality in the game setting. I did try it set to ultra worked ok but
it still had a stutter in the picture.
Any help on this would be great.
Thermaltake Xaser3
OCZ Powerstream 550W
+3.3v@28a +5v@40a +12v@33a
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
MSI K8N Diamond Neo4
3200 Winchester 64bit
PC Cooler Universal (KD-42CU)with 120mm fan
GeForce 6800GT 256mb
1024mb Corsair TwinX 4000pro
WinTV-PVR 350
2 160BG Maxtor SATA
1 160GB Maxtor ATA
XP pro SP2 (32bit)


Game doesn't directly support a joypad. Your only hope might be either some
type of "button remapping" software (e.g. Logitech's Profiler program) that
came with the pad or alternatively one of the joystick-to-mouse/keyboard
type apps a simple google search should turn up. I'd expect "button
remapping" software to work reasonably well but the lag using one of the
generic joystick-to-*** programs might be too long.

In either case, I'd expect most mouse/keyboard users to frag joypad users no
problem. Joypad just isn't going to provide the fine control the
mouse/keyboard provides and with most fps PC games you need it.


thanks for the info, dont really like the keyboard thats why I bought a
gamepad. never mind I will get used to it.
thanks again

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