Domain Password Change Does Not Replicate to Local Machine


Eli Irvin

I have a user who has recently been chalanged for a
password change on the domain while accessing a resource
(Exchange Server). She went through the password change,
but it did not replicate to her local machine. She still
must log in using her old password on the machine. This
is causing conflict after logging into her machine in that
when she tries to access the resource, the account locks
out from invalid login attempts. Any suggestions as to
what to do?

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Does her computer belong to the domain, and does she log in using the domain
account? Also, even if the answer to the first questions is "yes", is she
accessing the domain remotely, as in, via VPN?

Steven L Umbach

Run netdiag on her machine looking for any failed tests, especially relating
to contacting the domain controller and secure channel and also look in the
Event Viewer on her machine. Possibly there is a problem and she is logging
in with cached credentials which the "set" command will also show. Try
having here change her passsword from her machine using control -alt -delete
to see if it is successful and straightens things out. --- Steve

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