Domain Migration with Locked User Account


Tejas Shah

We have two windows 2000 domains in one forest. We are
trying to merge these two domains into one. Some of our
user accounts in source domain locked out in past. When we
user ADMT 2.0 to migrate the domain we get error 7422. We
went through KB841819 and applied the hotfix on all DCs in
source domain, which did not fix the problem

Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gautam Anand

As a logical step why not try to actually unlock all of the
accounts which have been locked out.
If you have a lot of accounts, you can use a script which I could
pass to you. This script enumerates all locked accounts and also
unlocks them.

I would have pasted the script out here but its kinda ugly to
look at and pretty lengthy. Easy as a single click to use though.

Gautam Anand
e: (e-mail address removed)

Chriss3 [MVP]

I understand this can be a problem with a few users, dude security the
accounts should remain locked out I think. I will turn my lab environment
for this, and do a replay.

Christoffer Andersson
Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

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