Does aspnet_regsql.exe make any global changes?



I asked this in the security form, but didn't get a response...

When I run aspnet_regsql.exe with no command line paremeters to get
the GUI, does it do anything special to make the database I configure
the "default database for the whole server" as opposed to "just
configuring one database"? Or, is it no different than using the
command line parameters to configure the one database? This is using
just for membership and role providers... not for session state or
anything else.

The reason I ask is because our server admin tells me if I run the
GUI, it will make that database the default for the "whole server" and
any apps that use membership will use it instead. But, from what I
understand about how the Membership classes in .NET work, that doesn't
seem right to me. Our server admin usually knows what he's talking
about (and so do I... USUALLY (not always! :), but I don't want to
argue with him. I just want to know for future reference.

Can someone clarify for me?


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