Documents folder



Hi, I was attempting to move the Documents folder to another partition of my
hard drive when I lost it and can't restore it from the recycle bin - is
there any way I can get it back? It was empty so not worrying about it's
contents, just need to have it restored as it was originally.

All advice welcome!


Chris Neill.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


If you have Vista Business or Ultimate, you can use the Previous Versions
features to get that folder back. Navigate to C:\Users\Username. Right click
your username and select Properties/Previous Versions Tab. Select the latest
version of the folder and click the Restore Button.


Thanks but I have Home Premium edition and just cannot work out how I might
get the system to create another Documents folder even if it can't restore
the original one.



In the Start Search box on the Start Menu, type "shell:personal" (no
quotation marks), and press Enter on your keyboard. This will open the
Documents folder as it is assigned, location-wise, in your registry. If it
is not where you want it, right-click an empty spot in the Documents folder,
choose Properties, and go to the Location tab to move it.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Users\Username. (Where Username is the
name of the account you are logged on with)

Right click in the right side pane of this folder and select New/Folder.
Name the new folder Documents.

Open Notepad and Copy/Paste the text between the lines into Notepad.



Click File/Save As and save the file to the new documents folder that you
just created.

Right click the new new Documents folder and select Properties/Customize
Tab. In the top section, click the drop down menu and select Documents
there. Click Apply/OK.

Close and re-open Windows Explorer. The new documents folder should be there
as it was before you lost it.

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