Documents Folder Playing Up



I have just copied my documents from my old XP installation into the
folder of Vista Home Premium, however they also show up in the “Userâ€
folder, appearing as if there were two copies of each!

Also, When I right click on the documents link from the Start button the
"Location tab does not show up & I am therefore unable to move their
location. The location tab does show up for the “Pictures & Music†links

Is there any way to reset the “Documents†folder to clear up these issues?

Ronnie Vernon MVP

The Documents folder that you see in the Users, is simply a mirror image of
the actual folder that is in C:\Users\username. It is shown there for

Have you tried going to C:\Users\User name\Documents and moving the folder
from there?

Keith Miller MVP

Start Search -> shell:personal<Enter>

The above command should open an Explorer window to the folder that Vista
thinks is your Documents folder. The Properties dialog for that folder
should have a location tab.

Icons for the user's special folders (Documents, Music, Pics, etc) will
appear in the UserName folder on the Desktop regardless of the location of
the associated file folder. Only the special folders whose associated file
folders reside under 'C:\Users\UserName' will appear there.


It is not just the documents folder, it is the entire contents that show up
in both the Users & Documents folder.

Is there a way to delete the whole folder and start again?

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