Documents and Settings folder - extra folders?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Basics' started by spoon2001, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. spoon2001

    spoon2001 Guest

    Here are my folders under \Documents and Settings. Names have been changed
    to protect the innocent.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS
    C:\Documents and Settings\Default User
    C:\Documents and Settings\Default User.WINDOWS
    C:\Documents and Settings\MyName
    C:\Documents and Settings\MyName.FIC
    C:\Documents and Settings\MYNAM~1~FIC
    C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService
    C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService.NT AUTHORITY
    C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService
    C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService.NT AUTHORITY

    Any idea why I would have two versions of All Users, Default User, MyName,
    Local Service, and Network Service - one without any extension, another with
    an extension (e.g. .WINDOWS, .FIC, .NT AUTHORITY?

    This did not happen on my previous XP installation. It's a bit confusing.
    The folders with the extensions seem to be the ones that are being used.

    spoon2001, Jul 5, 2003
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  2. Hi,

    Did you reinstall WinXP in an attempt to correct something? That would
    account for it. A reinstall creates new user accounts, you should do a
    repair install in the future to preserve current system settings. See:

    Best of Luck,

    Rick Rogers aka "Nutcase" MS-MVP - Win9x

    Associate Expert - WinXP - Expert Zone
    Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers, Jul 6, 2003
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  3. spoon2001

    spoon2001 Guest

    Hi Rick,

    You're right, my problem was caused by reinstalling XP over an old
    installation. I had tried a repair installation and it didn't solve a
    problem I was having, so I did a whole new install. That's how I ended up
    with all those extra folders in the \Documents and Settings folder.

    I moved the "old" folders out (from the old installation), and then I tried
    to give the original names to the new folders, and point WinXP to the
    renamed folders. This was tough because I couldn't just rename the folders,
    nor could I copy busy files, or copy over busy files. I finally got it done
    in a complicated way - by making multiple copies and moving one inactive set
    of folders to an inactive \Documents and Settings folder, then tweaking the
    registry to point to \Documents and Settings again. THEN I found that the
    registry still had lots of
    pointers to the old folder names (e.g. All Users.WINDOWS), and so I used a
    global search and replace utility to replace all references to the old
    folder names to the new folder names. Even then not everything worked
    right. I blew a good part of the afternoon trying to undo my mess - all
    because I just didn't like those extensions at the end of the folder names!
    (.WINDOWS, etc.)
    spoon2001, Jul 6, 2003
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