dock the style inspector toolbar in 2007 ?



I use this a lot, and I would love to be able to dock it across the bottom of
my screen. Is this something the wardens at Microsoft will let us do, or is
this another user privilege that disappeared with Office 2007?

Gwen H




Sorry - There's no provision within Word for docking the Inspector anywhere
other than left or right. I don't think it has anything to do with "wardens"
though - I can't conceive of any way for that array of information to be
available horizontally without giving up far more vertical screen real
estate than most users would care to sacrifice... unless you do nothing but
business cards :)




Hi, Gwen --

Although one cannot literally "dock" the Style Inspector at the
bottom, this may be an acceptable alternative:

1. Grab the pane to "undock" it (also can be done from the title bar
menu on the pane itself);

2. Resize as you want;

3. Pull to the bottom of the screen.

It will stay there through opening and closing documents. It's not
the 'tight fit' one gets with docking, but it may work for you.



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