do i need directx?


Luis Ortega

I normally would install directx 9 on my win xp computers.
Should I install directx 10, or another version of directx, or should I
avoid installing directx at all on a dell studio laptop running vista
home premium?
Thanks for any advice.



Richard G. Harper

The answer is, "None of the above." DirectX 10 comes with Windows Vista so
you need to do nothing - it is there, and when it's needed it will be used.

Mark H

Depending on which games you decide to use, you may run into incompatibility
problems with DirectX 10. The version shipped with Windows Vista is not
fully backwards compatible. A little googling will show you that
installation of a couple of DirectX 9 libraries will make almost all games
compatible again.


DirectX9 software support is built in to Vista and DriectX10 software
support is available with SP1. However, neither one will work unless the
graphics card on your system also has built in firmware code to support the
version(s) you are using.


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