DNS Woes

Jan 28, 2014
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Hi guys,

I'll attempt to make this quick.

I've been asked to sort out our DNS settings for the company I work for.

We currently have two domains. We'll call them:

- oldDomain.com
- newDomain.com

oldDomain.com was the old domain name for our site. I don't have access to this domain, nor do I have access to the webserver that it points to... This is because we initially hired a company to design our site, and they are reluctant to hand over control of it to our in-house team.

I do however, have access to newDomain.com, and can edit the various DNS records, nameservers, etc.

Both oldDomain and newDomain make use of nameservers, so a simple A record to point to the IP address won't work.

ALL our e-mails currently flow through mail.newDomain.com, which is setup with an MX record to point to our mail server.

Right, now that I've got our situation out of the way...

What I'd like to happen is for:

- Our e-mails NOT to change, at all.
- When someone types "www.newDomain.com", or just "newDomain.com" into their browser, for that to display in the URL bar, but to load the site referenced by oldDomain.com. So to the outside world it looks like we've moved, but in reality we haven't (as I can't actually access the current websites backend).

Is this possible to achieve?

If so, how?

Any assistance anyone can provide would be most appreciated. I'd like to avoid using our web development company if at all possible, as they're not very good (they were unaware of what ASP was!), and tend to overcharge (this would likely cost around £100 for them to sort out, which is ridiculous).

PS: We're currently using a framed forward, but this isn't really ideal as it's not great for SEO, as well as not allowing things like "newDomain.com/jp" to be typed in.


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