DNS Security and Linux Clients?



We're running Windows 2000 Active Directory here and I just installed a SUSE
10.0 workstation. The networking details of the Linux machine are as follows:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS 1:
DNS 2:
Hostname: linux1
Domainname: ourdomain.local

In our Windows 2000 DNS server I added a A record and a PTR record for the
Linux machine. I can ping the Linux machine by hostname from any Windows 2000

The problem I'm having is that the Linux machine can't ping the hostnames of
our Windows 2000 clients. The wierd thing is that I can use nslookup and
everything is fine. Here is what I get in Linux.

ping w2k1
-ping: unknown host w2k1

nslookup w2k1
-Name: w2k1.ourdomain.local

If I manually put entries in /etc/hosts I'm able to ping but that defeats
the purpose of DNS. Is there some special DNS security that I'm missing or




Okay, after lots of research I fixed my own problem. The problem was due to
the fact that I'm using the .local suffix in my Windows domain. Aparently
SUSE Linux doesn't like this or rather libresolv doesn't like this. Programs
like ping use libresolv but other programs like nslookup don't. Here's what I
did at my linux machine:

cd /lib
cp libresolv.so.2 libresolv.so.2-orig
rm libresolv.so.2
cp libresolv.so.2-orig libresolv.so.2
perl -pi -e 's/local/lozal/g' libresolv.so.2
shutdown -r 0

I have no idea what that does or why it works but it did. I can now ping
all the machines in my local network by hostname.

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