DNS Config on W2K Servers - Internal Only




Wondering if anyone can help. We've had some W2K servers installed
and am not convinced the DNS has been set-up correctly.

What is the best way to configure DNS servers to do the following:

We have 3 sites connected by a WAN, want each site to know the PCs on
its own site and the existence of the PCs,servers etc on the other two

Not to use the Root servers that are listed by default in the root
server list (e.g. m.root-servers.net). Currently bombarding firewall
for requests to get out to talk to this list. Our ISP handles any DNS
requests via the firewall (we also do not host any web-sites etc).

It is only internal network DNS requests that we want resolved.

Thanks very much for any help.



William Stacey [MVP]

If you using dynamic update, then you want all clients to point to only your
internal dns server. That server will then forward unknown queries to your
firewall or ISP. You can setup primary zones for each site at the local
site. This gives fast local access and INet rez. You can then setup
secondaries on siteA for each of the other two sites. Do this on each site.
With w2k3, you can also setup stub zones or forward zones for each of the
other two sites.



Simon Geary

It doesn't sound like you have forwarders configured on you DNS servers. On
the server in each site, try adding a forwarder address of your ISP's DNS
server which should stop your internal servers trying to use the root hints
for external addresses.

Make sure all your clients and servers are only ever configured to use your
internal DNS servers in their TCP\IP properties. Nothing should be using the
ISP address.

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