DNS and DSL Router


Steve Amiro


I replaced an ISA server on a Win2k Domain by a wireless D-Link router
DIR-625. Though the DC is running, DHCP, DNS and WINS, I have to use the
routers'IP as DNS because otherwise clients can't browse Internet. By doing
that, this makes XP client to take forever to connect to the Domain while
logging. So how can I set the whole thing in order to make Domain logging
and browsing fast like it was before and Internet works? I know it's a DNS
thing but can't figure out how to fix it since a never worked with a router
connected in this way before.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Amiro.

Danny Sanders

Though the DC is running, DHCP, DNS and WINS, I have to use the

Use DHCP to point all your AD clients to this DNS server ONLY. For Internet
access configure the AD DNS server to forward requests and list your ISP's
DNS servers as the forwarder.


Steve Amiro

Thanks Danny,

It worked just fine. It's appreciated.

Have a nice day.


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