DNS A records not registering in workgroup environment



Is it possible to configure DDNS/DHCP so workgroup clients will fully
register (both A and PTR records) in DNS without having to manually
add the DNS suffix to each client?

The only way I have figured out how to get workgroup clients to fully
register in DNS (both A and PTR records) is to manually add the DNS
suffix on the client and check 'use this connection suffix in DNS
registration' on the client machine.

If I dont manually add this on the workgroup client then only a PTR
record is added in DNS and there is no A record.
AD clients register correctly without having to manually anything to

The main difference I notice when I compare the ipconfig of workgroup
clients to AD clients is that there is no primary DNS suffix for
workgroup clients but there is a primary suffix for AD clients. Is it
possible for DHCP to automatically set the Primary DNS suffix for
workgroup clients also?


William Stacey [MVP]

That is because AD clients get the Primary DNS suffix poked in on
XP Clients (workgroup also) also have a Primary DNS suffix. It can be found
int System Properties/computer name/change/primary dns suffix (or something
like that.) View the current Primary DNS suffix using ipconfig /all. This
can be poked in using a script (or maybe a profile/login, etc - can't
remember). I would favor using the correct Primary DNS suffix over a
connection suffix if I had to pick. The reason one or other is required is
because the client needs to know what domain to register the A record into.
Without it, it has no clue.

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