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Premanand Sethuraman

Dear all,
I'm having a workbook in which I used "Data Validation List" in all the
sheets of workbok.
Unfortunately in one sheet, drop down list arrows are not displaying
although the list is still in the cell.
I checked with contexture website and also I searched in google and tried
with all the guidelines given by them but still it is not working.
I'm still wondering how this drop down arrow is not appearing in one
particular sheet of workbook. All the other worksheets of the same workbook
are showing drop down arrows.
Please help me to sort out this problem.



Barb Reinhardt

Try running this on the worksheet in question

Sub SetInCellDropdown()
Dim r As Range
Dim myTest As Boolean

For Each r In ActiveSheet.UsedRange
myTest = True
On Error Resume Next
myTest = r.Validation.InCellDropdown
On Error GoTo 0
If myTest = False Then
r.Validation.InCellDropdown = True
End If
Next r
End Sub

This assumes that there are entries on the sheet before and after the data



Simon @ Practical Mining Solutions

Ive had the same problem within the workbook (not only single sheet) which
has caused some grief. Ive had to revert to the VB editor section under
Developer->VB Editor.
Under the 'Microsoft Excel Objects' section select 'This workbook'. The
variable 'DisplayDrawingObjects' was showing '3 - xlHide'; this needed to be
changed to '-4104 - xlDisplayShapes'.

Not sure how this may have got changed!!!


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