Disk Woes




I've got some serious issues with a disk partition and I'd love it if
someone could assist with a solution please!

Basically, I had a raid set (which had my XP install on it) throw a disk,
and I found an 8Gb drive lying around so I thought I'd bang XP back on that
and try and recover as much as poss.

I also have an 80Gb drive which was sound, and has all my data on such as
digi pics, my docs etc etc.

I installed XP on the 8Gb drive, and booted from it with the RAID array
still attached and could read from it ok. Plug in the 80Gb drive which is a
dynamic drive and imported it, but windows told me the partition L: was
corrupt and the file system was dodgy. Reboot, and XP decides to do a
checkdisk and as a result, thinks the L: drive was the old C: drive, so
starts moving everything from the old RAID array which had the C: drive on
it. to the L: drive (!!!).

So now, in disk manager, I have an 80Gb drive, which HAD a 20Gb partition
which was the L: drive. It still says it's a 20Gb partition on the disk
layout, but in explorer the partion states that it's a 4.4Gb partition (my
old XP install partition) and it has my old winxp installtion on it!

Does anyone know how I can get my old data back from this corrupt partion
and/or some funky software to help me do it??

PLease help!




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