disk space and uploading


elsa larsen


I have a Canon mini Dv camcorder. I just a firewire, cable, more memory on
my Dell laptop. I have 4.2 GB space free on my computer. I am trying to
upload a 60 minute video. It gets 3/4 of the way through and then stops.
The message says not enough disk space available. The file is about 277 MG
when it stops. All I want to do is upload edit and burn. Help!

Graham Hughes

one hour of dv video is 13gb.
wmv can be saved using less space, but it'd be a very low quality small
frame sized file to fit in that amount of space.
Delete loads of things from your hard drive, or buy a new one to edit video
with, as you need 3 times the space of a file to edit and save it, so one
hur of dv video will take up 13gb and need 39gb to edit and save - approx

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