Disk mirroring for a dynamic disk with 7 partitions


Stefano Pascucci

Hi there
I have a problem trying to mirror a disk with more than 4
To obtain 7 partition onto a signol disk, I have
partitioned a 40 GB disk using fdisk from a dos boot disk,
made a primary bootable partition and an extended one
(with 6 logicak disks inside). Than I have converted these
partitions from fat32 to ntfs, installed wind 2000 server
on the primary one, installed required data on the
remaininfg 6 logical disks, and finally converted the
basic disc to dynamic, to start the mirroring process.
But now Iìm able to mirror only 3 partitions! When I try
to mirror a fourth one, the Disk Manager stop me
saying "unable to mirror the disk; logical disk manager
Is there any trick or workaround, or somethimg I'm
ignoring, that can let me mirror the whole disk?
Thank you all in advance

Eng. Taha Khamis A.Wahab

hello my friend...
in fact i'm not sure of this way but you can try you will
ont lose anything...ok
try to add a Pagefile on this fourth partition and then
try to remirror it again...i think it should work
now..anyway good luck..but please if it works with you let
me know by mailing me..thanks a lot...

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