Disk Defragmenter Schedule Not Working!!



I'm using vista business. I've set a schedule to run the disk defragmenter,
but it doesn't work at all. Yet, I've another laptop using vista home
premium, but the disk defragmenter schedule works well. How come?


you don't need to set a schedule, because it's already scheduled by default!

What if the OP want's to change that schedule or to add more days to
it you idiot!?


Brink said:
Do you have your computer running, not in sleep mode or off, at the
scheduled time?

If not, then Option Two in this tutorial will show you how to set Disk
Defragmenter to wake up your computer from a sleep mode to run.

it's not necessary to do that, because If the computer is turned off or if
the task does not run at the scheduled time, the task will run the next time
that the computer is idle.

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