Default Defragmenter Priority



In an attempt to try and speed up Vista's Disk Defragmenter, I increased all
of its process priorities to Normal. Now my PC freezes with high CPU usage
whenever I run it.

Can someone who has not messed around with Defragmenter's priority in the
Task Manager please help me find out the priority for each of the processes

Please start Disk Defragmenter, uncheck the "Run on a schedule" check box
and click OK. Start Disk Defragmenter again and then once it has finished
analyzing the disk, click Defragment now.

While it is defragmenting, open Task Manager and click on the Processes tab.
On the bottom of the window click "Show processes from all users" (or
something like that) and accept the UAC prompt. Sort the list in
alphabetical order by Image Name. Please look for the DefrgNtfs.exe process,
right click on it and point to Set Priority. What is its priority set as?
(Please don't change the priority!)

Also please do the same for the Defrag.exe process and let me know its
default priority.

I don't remember what they both were by default and they won't go back to
normal on their own.

Thank you.

David A. Lessnau

On my system, they're set as follows:

DefrgNtfs.exe = Low
Defrag.exe = Below Normal
dfrgui.exe = Normal

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