Disable UAC as oppoed to similar Group Policy?


Gerry Hickman


With UAC there's a local option to disable it in CP, but if you look at
local GP, there are different components that make up UAC and you can
control them on a granular basis.

My question is this:

1. If I disable UAC on the local machine, will it automatically set all
local group policies to the disabled state?

2. If I set all UAC group policies to disabled on a domain joined box,
will UAC actually be "Off" at that point (as in #1) or will it still be
"On" but not doing much?

3. If I disable UAC in CP, but set a domain GP to enforce all components
to be enabled, will it then make UAC come back on again?

I'm also interested to know which service/process controls UAC and the
filtered token, which of the above strategies would KILL the filtered
token completely?

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