SendInput(...) on UAC Dialogs and Windows Logon


Daniel Haas

Hi all, :)

we're developing software for disabled people who need to use special
devices for keyboard and mouse input.
these devices operate via serial port and a software, which translates the
data via the serial port into SendInput(..) calls, which works pretty well

obviously, this is not possible on the UAC-Screens to confirm and also at
the Windows Loginscreen because of security reasons.

On various sources in the internet the posts say, that it is necessary to
sign the application with Microsofts Authenticode, which might be okay to
do, but there are also several other sources which again say, that this
signing-process isn't enough and it still gives an inaccessible UAC-Screen
which has to be confirmed either by clicking or pressing some keys on a
"real" keyboard.

Is there _any_ possibility to avoid this, and get full control over the
system via the SendInput Method (or something similar)? also on these
user-account-control-screens and on windows logon?

i'm very thankful for any hints,
Daniel :)

PS: it would be okay, if some non-disabled user has to install the software
first and confirming, that no uac-screens are necessary in the future...
PS2: At the moment it isn't possible to make these devices HID-Compatible.

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