DirectX not card problem



I have tried to run several applications and games that require directx
(GTA2, Worms Armageddon for example) and I keep on getting a message on
either the installation or when I run the game that I need directx 6 or
above. I know that Vista RC1 has directx 10 and I have tried using directx
9.0c, and I even tracked down V.6, but each time the same thing happens.
This is probably related to this, but I have a ATI Raedon 9250 and windows
sees this fine, but when I look at the graphics section of the system rating,
it says 0mb for the total graphics memory, dedicated system memory, dedicated
graphics memory and shared system memory.
I want to add that windows detects my card as a DX 9.0 or later capable
card, and I have tried the latest drivers from ATI.
What the hell is going on??

2.2Ghz Celeron
384mb RAM
Raedon 9250 with 256mb of Video memory


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