DirectX 9.0C



I have read and seen several post's about the 9.0c version of DirectX and
have not seen what i woudl like to know. I tried testing a game called
SilkRoad with my Vista system come to find out, that I do not have the proper
DirectX files. Their site offers a version of it, but it does not install, it
just extracts.

I went to the Windows site and downloaded the 9.0c there. I installed it
then restarted my PC. I tried to get on the game again and here is the
message i have been getting since i tried it the first time

"DirectX 9.0c is not installed or its version is not 9.0b. Silkroadonline
needs DirectX 9.0b or later version."

Any assistance would be great.

Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White

I guess the obvious question would be, have you tried running it in XP SP 2
compatibility mode ?


i had a similar problem, dxdiag reports to be directx10, but some later files
from dx9c are missing. for me installing dx9c helped


I actually have tried running it under the WindowsXP SP2 Capability mode,and
no, it did not work. My computer would just crash every time i tried it. I
also tried installing the DirectX9.0c and it installs nothing. Once it begins
the system check to see if i already have it, it says that i do. I am running
Vista RC1 Build 5600. Any help would be great.

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