Digital Signature



i have an access 2003 database that i have just recently packed and given to
one user to test. When the database is opened on there machine it comes up
with security warnings about trusting it. When i created it on my machine i
create a digital certificate which did away with the error messages.

It appears my digital signature does work on other machines which i kind of
knew it would'nt.

Can someone point me in the right direction as this is all new to me so that
i can obtain a digital certificate that would work everywhere! if i need to
contact a certification authority to buy one can someone recommend one.

Many thanks to people who look into this for me.

Brendan Reynolds

I would not go so far as to say that I recommend any certification
authority. For whatever it may be worth, though, I use GlobalSign -

I found them less expensive than VeriSign ( and the
signing-up process less complicated than Thawte's (
(VeriSign and Thawte are the two 'big names' in certification).


Hopping in here (cos I can not see the OP's post):

OP, did you create it with selfcert.exe? It is my understanding that a
self-certified certificate will only work on PC where it was created.

If your database is not secured, forget about using certificates to
suppress the security warnings. Instead, try using the
automationsecurity property. For more information, google this group
for posts from me (TC) containing that word.


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