Digital Signature problem with XPS Document Viewer and Vista SP2.



Digital Signature problem with XPS Document Viewer and Vista SP2.

It appears that XPS Document Viewer is not backwards compatible.
When a document is digitally signed with Vista SP2, the signature cannot be
seen with Windows XP, XPS Document Viewer.

First let me say:
If the document was first signed using Windows XP and he second signature
was signed with Windows XP or Windows Vista sp1. Everything works fine.

I have 3 example problems:
1. The document was first signed using Windows XP. The second signature was
signed with Windows Vista sp2. The second signature is not visible to any XP
user. It looks just like the second signature was never added to the
document. But the second signature can bee seen by anyone with Windows Vista

2. If the first and second signatures were signed with Windows Vista sp2
then both signatures are visible to Windows Vista sp2 users but not Windows
XP users. To Windows XP users it looks like the document was never signed.

3. 3. If the document was signed first by a user with Windows Vista sp2 and
then signed by a user with Windows XP, the document will give an error when
opened by any user XP and Vista sp2 alike.

Also, if a document was signed first with Windows Vista sp2, when the
document is opened with Windows XP and I try to view the signature details it

Signature Status: Intent:
Signature pending: <none>
Sign by <none>

Is someone at Microsoft aware of this problem and is anyone working on it?
Is there a hotfix for this problem?
Are there any workarounds?

Bill Sanderson

I can understand your confusion, but:

This is a peer support forum for issues relating to anti-spyware
"signatures" I.e., definitions--used by Windows Defender. Your issue seems
pretty interesting, though, and I hadn't just finished a work day which
started at 8:30, I'd do some digging for you.

Here's a suggestion, though: Problems with security patches qualify for
free help from Microsoft PSS. I don't think it is stretching things too
much to say that SP2 is a security update.

You may have to work some, to get the first level responders to understand
your issue clearly, and bump it to someone who can understand it enough to
know where to look and who would be responsible. Making this call would
serve at least these purposes: It would ensure that Microsoft is aware of
the issue (I'd think they would be...), it will give them a data point about
numbers of users affected, and it might get you access to a hotfix if one
exists and is not already public--or on a list to get one when it is

If you are in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-866-pcsafety (yeah, too many
digits--so leave the last one off if you want.) Elsewhere, call the nearest
number for Microsoft paid support, and ask for the free help with security
patches, viruses, or spyware.

Think about reducing your issue to the simplest possible set of reproductive
steps, and perhaps laying them out in a text document--keep it simple, that
you might relay via email.

I hope you do get a fix for this--it sounds like a nasty effect--one
thought--does this reproduce on more than one Vista SP2 machine? If not,
could be that re-applying SP2 would be in order.

I'd love to hear how it comes out, even though it is off-topic here.

Lastly--if for some reason you aren't able to do any of the above, or do
some of it to no avail, I'd be glad to help you research where the proper
place might be for this post--but not tonight!

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