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For example: I have the following data in my database of

Customer Invoice Ctn
ABC 2003-001 5
ABC 2003-002 1
SUPER 2003-003 4
NCW 2003-004 10
NCW 2003-005 2
ZOO 2003-006 3

When it is printed, the detail are as follows:
Customer Invoice Ctn
ABC 2003-001 5
2003-002 1
Sub ttl:6 ctns

SUPER 2003-003 4
Sub ttl:4 ctns

NCW 2003-004 10
2003-005 2
Sub ttl: 12 ctns

ZOO 2003-006 3
Sub ttl: 3 ctns

Total ctns: 25 ctns
Total customers: 6 <-------wrong number
You will see that the name of each company just shows
once,for example, the ABC company which contains two data
but just shows once in the report.
Now, my problem is ............
I want to add a function to show the "total number of
customer", I use the function "count([customer])", but
the result is "6", what function can i use to show the
correct number of customer because there are 4 customers



Steve Schapel


Answered already in .macros newsgroup. A hint for the future...
Please, if you really need to post to more than one newsgroup, it is
much better to cross-post (send the same post simultaneously to both
groups) rather than multi-post (send to each group individually).

- Steve Schapel, Microsoft Access MVP

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