Dialog box to select existing task



Good Morning,

I am somewhat new to Outlook programming so bear with me. I am lookin
to find out if there is a standard dialog box to be able to select
task from the tasks folder.

Using Outlook2007/BCM2007.

I have written code to create a task from an email upon sending an
this works fine, but in many cases, I wish to add the email to a
existing task. I would like to present the user with a dialog tha
lists all of the currently active tasks in the tasks folder and allo
them to select one and then have the dialog box return the id of th
selected task item so I can programmatically attach the email to th
selected task.

Is there a standard dialog box that could be used for this or is ther
a method to accomplish this?

Thanks for any input



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

There's no such dialog box. You can create a filtered view in a folder but
to populate a dialog box you'd filter on all tasks where .Complete = False.
Then you'd use the returned items to populate your dialog. How you'd display
the items (grid, drop-down, whatever) is up to you.

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