Diablo 2 takes well over a minute to load...why??

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Ulric Van Bergen (UVB)

this totally baffles me.

I have a dell dimension 8100 running winxp home with 384 megs of ram and an
nvidia geforce 2 mx ultra 64 meg vid card and a 100 gig hd. I see no reason
for a program to take that long to load. adobe loads faster than that. help


Jose Francisco


Have you tried downloading the lastest updates and fixes for Windows XP.
What about updating the game with patchs from Diablo's website.

Thanks and good luck!

Ulric Van Bergen (UVB)


Been there, done all that exhaustively. I was hoping that it was just my
computer draggin when it first started doing that (basically when I
installed it.) I have all the newest updates and patches for windows and
for diablo. Nothing helps. I even went through and killed all the processes
that weren't absolutely critical to system integrity and that didn't help.
I play Diablo2 close to 25 hours a week and this is getting really
annoying. I can go to the bathroom when I start the program and be back at
the same time it finishes loading to the main menu. ARRGGH HELP!!!!

Chris Veverka

Are you running Diablo 2 under Win XP. I find there to be slightly longer
load times with XP than with Win Me/98. Perhaps it is due to the patches
that have been put out to allow Diablo 2 to work with XP. Also you may want
to increase your base memory from 384 Megs to at least 512, that may also

Dan Corban

I would make an educated guess that Safedisc is the cause (Diablo2 uses
Safedisc copy protection). Some CD drives have issues reading Safedisc
protected games or will kick down to a much lower spin speed.

Ulric Van Bergen (UVB)


any way to combat this?
my drive is a samsung 3038b cd-rw/dvd-rom combo
Jul 31, 2012
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I have this same problem in Win7. I don't want to install any patches, I like the game as it is when it's installed. Is 6GB of RAM not enough?

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