DHCP - Reserve the same IP for different MACs


John Steele

I have a Thinkpad T40 that has both wired and wireless interfaces. Our
office LAN uses Win2000 DHCP. The DHCP is configured for a reserved IP set
up when I connect on the wired Ethernet and a different reserved IP when I
connect on the WLAN because the MAC addresses of the wired/wireless
interfaces are different.

I'm trying to find out if there is a way to have the DHCP supply the same
reserved IP whichever MAC address connects. Would make roaming in the office
a lot easier.

clippermiami * at * gmail * dot * com



Phillip Windell

No. That is not possible. The correct solution is to not create a
situation where it actually matters which IP# the machine gets to begin
with. You should not have to identify a machine by the IP#, they should be
identified by either the Netbios Machinename or the DNS FQDN.

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