Devices will not sync



I have a Sony Vaio BX61MN running vista business SP1. Additional software
added to spec is AVG free anti virus, Intunes 7.7

When I connect my XDA Orbit (PDA made by HTC) I hear the "ba-bamp" sound,
suggesting that the device will soon sync and that "Mobile Device Center 6.1"
will open up. 20 seconds later "ba-bamp" can be heard again and second time
around the MDC software opens up. The sync goes very slowly then stops
altogether. I eventually give up and un plug the PDA and the disconnection
noise can be heard. 20 seconds later it can be heard again. The PDA fails to

In addition when i plug in my Ipod touch 32GB (iphone 2.0 software), itunes
opens up and the sync starts. After syncing for around 3 minutes the sync
stops and itunes freezes. The only option for me at this point is to unplug
the ipod touch. Upon doing so itunes goes straight back to normal.

I get the ipression that the PC is trying to sync twice when i connect a
device. Once visible and once hidden which is jamming everything up.

Can you help as I am aging very quickly right now?


I have finally resolved this issue myself and thought I would post up my
solution in case it helps others at a later date.

Firstly the PDA thing just resolved its self so onto itunes.

With itunes 7.7 and iphone 2.0 upgrade, as I mentioned the device would
begin to sync and then slow down to a grinding halt, freezing my laptop. The
only way out was to pull the usb cable out, then itunes and vista would
restore back to normal operations. My solution was as follows:

Just make sure that your folders are placed directly into the correct place
within Vista, i.e. Vista music and pictures folders.


Lets say i have two cds on my hard drive, CD 1 being by muse and CD 2 being
by The Beatles. Put these two folders directly into the vista provided music
folder. My mistake was putting folders Muse and Beatles inside a new folder
that I created called "My Music folder" and then placing "My Music folder"
inside the Vista Music folder. The same rule applies for photos.

Hope this helps someone.


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