Desperate for help with Headset Microphone???



Okay so here is my deal:

Every time I try to use a headset microhone (The kind with one jack for
audio (green) and one for mic/recording (pink)), only the audio ever works. I
have bought 3 different headsets like this and the microphone never works.

HOWEVER, when I just plug in my regular hand microhpone (with no audio line)
to it, the microphone works perfect fine.

How can I configure it so the all in one (audio/recording) headset
microphones work?


OK, no deal.

I think you should read your manual and make certain that you have this
physical jack enabled. In other words it should have a hardwared reciprocal
configuration to be able to accept both your mic and the speaker (your
headset)--a combo.

Considering you've done it and this is the case, there is a setting in the
Control Panel>>Hardware and Sound>>Sound>> etc. for you to set up an option
that will tell Vista that it should expect headset input.

Considering you've done it as well (I suspect you did, otherwise your
questions would have been different), I would try to pull the whole plate
with the jacks for microphone and speakers and test the contacts physically
with an Ohm-meter.

Not Me

I have a front mic port and a rear mic port.
I have to set the front port as default to make the mic on the headset work.

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