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Hoping I'm not asking a stupid question. I'm pretty new to access and in the
process of creating my first database. I'm creating a report and would like
to zoom in while in design view so I can better see the detail and make
changes as necessary. I can only find where I can zoom in preview mode. But
in that mode I can't make changes to the report design.

Dan O.



I originally also wanted that. I don't think that it exists. Now I 99%
don't need it. For the 99% make sure you get good at using "align",
"Size", Vertical Spacing" and "Horizontal Spacing" under "Format", how to
turn the grid and snap on and off, and how to set the exact sizes and
locations of controls by the numbers in their property boxes.

But for the other 1% I'd still like that zoon.



Thanks for your response. I created a report using the wizard and like the
layout and content but the fields are a bit cramped together because I have
alot on the report. It would have been nice to zoom in a portion of the
report so I could make some minor adjustments. But I'll try as you recomend
and use the various utilities to adjust my controls.

Dan O.

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