Design ?'s



I am designing my first data base. It is not too complicated. I set up my
tables and am working on my forms.

I've run into a snag. I plan to use it for an after school program.
Normally teachers fill out paper forms and some one puts into many Excel
workbooks. I thought it would be more efficient in access and hope it will
eventually all be done through email with no more paper.

I have a table for information about each school and information about the
program leaders. I have a table for information about each student. I
included in this table the questions the teachers have to answer about each
student - ie how well they get along with others, attendance, homework
completion, etc. The teachers do this 2 times a year - at the begining of
the program and the end. I am wondering if I should split this up into 3
tables? And if so use 2 seperate forms each with a subform. Maybe someone
has some better ideas.

If there is someone willing to IM with me about this - I would really
appreciate it.





I am not a technical user. I did download the example and looke at it. I
think I know what you are asking me for - hopefully.

Schools table - name, address, phone, principal, website etc - this is my
link to all the other tables

Students Observation - this is the one that I think I need to break up into
3 tables - right now it contains name, school, grade, teacher and evaluation
questions. I need a pre and post evaluation for each student - so I think I
need 3 tables - one with student information, one with pre -evaluation and
one with post evaluation (all questions except one are the same). Then make
a form similar to yours with tabsn for pre and post - I don't know how to do
this yet - is it subforms?

Program Leaders - school, name, position, contact info - to keep everything
in the same db

Program Volunteers - same as program leaders.

In looking at your relationships, it seems that I need a one to many for
each student as well as a one to one. Is this so that I can get individual
as well as collective reports?

The kind of reports that I will need is number of students with the same
answers to the each question kind of thing as well as being able to do a full
report for each child.
Also, maybe contacts for each school.

I made forms for all tables with combo boxes where I typed the selections
and related them to the correct field on my tables. I think they are all
good for the schools, leaders, and volunteers.

but not for the kids. I want to set up the questions with a combo box of
answers because they are all pick one - some are agree, disagree, or not
applicable - others are rarely, some of the time, most of the time, all of
the time things like that.

Hopefully it is clearer than mud.

Thanks for your help,




Duane Hookom

I personally wouldn't go any further if each question was a field. There is
another, similar sample database at the same link named "At Your Survey".
This is how I would set up the questions.

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