deploy a winForm apps


Yu Mei

My winForm application uses ActiveX control from other source.The ActiveX
control is shipped as exe file. After click the exe file, it install the
software and do some registration in the target machine. In this case, can I
combine the installation of the control with my installer? Can I register
the control instead of installing it?
Thanks in advance,



David Guyer [MS]

The answer to your question depends on a lot of factors, and you may just
need to do some testing, or trial and error to find out.

Firstly, if the install.exe for the ActiveX control does much more than
just copy the file and register it, then you probably need to make sure you
run the install.exe as part of your install steps. If all it does is copy
the files and register it, then you can add the ActiveX control files to
your setup project, and turn on registration for the files.

If you need to run the activeX exe, then one workaround you can try is to
add the install.exe to your setup project and then run a custom action
during your install that runs the install.exe. The downside to this is
that you don't get good error handling or an uninstall story.

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