Dependent list in excel to create validation



I needs some info on dependent list in excel to create validation. Please
find below my example.

one work sheet has the employee details in two different columns(A and b)
master data.
sat - Manager
sai - DBA
sss- Manager
xx - Team leader
AA- Senior programmer.

i want to implement the validation in another worksheet based on the above
master data. Eg: This sheet has 3 columns.
Designation, Employee name and Salary,

Once i type the designation in that column then Employee list needs to
filter based on the inputted designation. Example if i enter Manger then
employee list needs to display sat and sss only. it should not allow other

Please Note: Macros are not allowed

We are planning to extract the data from the database, we don't know what
will be the master data, master data may change at the time of each page
load, is there a possibility to load the list with select query?


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