Dependencies, not only stored in database ?



It is easy to add components and their dependencies in target
designer, but i have always wanted a way to scan the project and
remove any components left after removing components as well. So I am
trying to make an application which takes a workspace/project and
scans it for reverse dependencies. The idea is that all the components
left after scanning could be removed without making any problems for
other components or the image itself (except for loosing the component
itself of course)
I am currently taking each component and check it against
ComponentDependencyLists in the DB.

The problem is that some components left are still dependencies of
other components. An example. the component GUID for
"Regional and language options" does not exist in
ComponentDependencyLists. But, if you remove it, the "English language
support" will complain.

This is also the case for other components.

So, anyone know where to look for this dependency?


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