Demo for Radeon 9700 Pro: please test it


Stefano Lanza

Hello guys. I've released a demo of my landscape 3d engine Typhoon for Ati
Radeon 9700 Pro only, feauturing dynamic lighting of sky&terrain, aerial
scattering, realistic water rendering among the others..
This is the perfect newsgroup to find people that can test it... The url is:
Please give it a try and give me your precious feedback. Thanks,

Andrew MacPherson

[email protected] (Stefano said:
Please give it a try and give me your precious feedbac

Works well here. At first I admit I just looked around and thought "is
that it?" Then I noticed the light changing. I picked a good viewpoint
looking out over the lake and watched the beautiful changes of light as
the water lapped against the shore.

Very restful, nice work Stefano!

Andrew McP


Yeah, the demo is great especially the music, do you compose it ? If not,
would you let me know the composer or even the CD name ? I can tell from the
WinAmp player file info that the title : Waking Dreams, the artist : ReiKi ,
category: Mind, Body and soul series.

Roger Squires

Thumbs up! I also get the grass error. It would be nice to move laterally
around the landscape also.


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