Deleting Mutiple Links on Word Document at Once



Here is my problem. I am copy & pasting from the yellow pages into a MS Word
document. This means not only do I get the business name, address, & phone #
(which is ALL I want) but under every single business name is a long list of
links (i.e. Mapquest this business, Email this business, Call this business,
etc. theres about 8 links under each business name) & theres also graphics
that go along with each business (rating stars... you know like ***** = 5
star business, etc.) too. I have been manually going through my word document
and deleting the links & graphics one by one but would like to delete them
all at ONCE. This will save me time. I have tried to go to Find & Replace and
in the Find section would copy & paste the links and in the Replace section
leave it blank but this only will delete the first link in the list and leave
all the others alone. I also have no clue how to delete all graphics. Please
help me.

Here is an example in case I confused you:

This is what it shows up as on my Word document-

AAA Veterinary Clinics II
50 Bay Ridge Ave # 10
Brooklyn, NY 11220 Map

(718) 505-8080

Visit Web Site
Review This Business!
Rate it
Read Reviews
More Info
Send to Mobile
Map It
E-mail It
Get Directions
Search Nearby
Save This Listing
Save a Note

(those are all coming up as links) *there are also graphics that did not
paste onto this message

This is what I would like each listing to look like (notice all the links
are not listed underneath the business information)-

Aardvark Pet Supplies Incorporated
58 Washington Ave
Pleasantville, NY 10570
(914) 747-4848

Abbys Gourmet Pet Supply
55 Westchester Ave
Pound Ridge, NY 10576 Map

(914) 764-8011

Jay Freedman

To remove in-line graphics with the Replace dialog, enter the code ^g in
the Find What box and nothing in the Replace With box, and click the Replace
All button. If some of the pictures are floating (not in-line), post back
for a macro to handle them.

To remove the hyperlinks, first press Alt+F9 to display all field codes
(hyperlinks are a kind of field). In the Replace dialog, enter in the Find
What box

^d hyperlink

(Note the space after the d.) Again leave the Replace With box empty and
click the Replace All button. Then press Alt+F9 again to switch back to
display the results of any remaining fields.

By the way, these codes and others are available by clicking the More button
in the Replace dialog and then clicking the Special button at the bottom.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.


To select non-inline graphics, use the Select Mulitple Objects icon, which
gives you the function to select all floating images in a document.
This icon is on the Drawing Category and is not usually available from
default and will need to be "Customised" onto the toolbar.
Hope this helps

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