Deleting an unknown driver (virus related?!)



I have recently been swarmed with several viruses which
has caused some things to malfunction on my system (Win XP
Home) including (maybe, maybe not...?) the appearance of
an "F" drive which, under "Properties" states that it is
full...but there IS NO other drive! I tried to delete it
but it says that I don't have Admin,
etc...but I AM THE OWNER/ADMIN! Anybody got any
suggestions as to how to rid of this thing?? In addition,
my computer crawwwwwwwwwwlllls along now...i mean at a
completely ridiculously slow speed. Any input is greatly
appreciated! Thanks, Scott.


1) Have you a good anti-virus programme installed?
2) Have you a good Firewall installed?
If not, ..........

Crusty \(-: Old B@stard :-\)

You think it's virus related. Did you run a virus scan with a good program
and their current definitions? Also, have you checked for spyware using
Ad-Aware or SpyBot?

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