Deleted folder re-appears



I have an empty folder on my desktop which I delete, but it keeps
re-appearing a few minutes later, even when deleted from the recycle bin. Any

R. C. White

Hi, Nicholas.

Please tell us the name of that folder. It might be a system thing that
some user here would recognize.

Or some software that you've installed may be recreating the folder. Does
the name suggest any program that you have installed?

Have you run a malware scan? Recently?

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail beta in Vista Ultimate x64)


It's just a folder I created to contain some MP3 files on the desktop before
I burned them to disc; folder now empty and kept re-appearing (although
strangely hasn't done so today). Malware scan done this week with nothing


I spoke too soon...the annoying folder has started to reappear every time I
start up and also about 30 mins after deleting.


Might it be a CD burner's temporary folder?

You try searching the Registry for the name of the folder, for clues as to
its function regarding a program. To do so, collapse the left-hand pane
entries, in the Registry Editor, until you only see "Computer". Then click
on Edit in the menu, then Find. Type the name of the folder in the Find
box. You can use your F3 key to keep going to each subsequent "find next"


I too had the same issue. I discovered that media player was the source of
the reappearing folder. At one time, I ripped a CD to a folder on my
desktop. I have since deleted this folder, but discovered that everytime
media player opened, the folder would reappear. Evidently when media player
cannot resolve the path, it will recreate the folder structure rather than
throw an exception.

In any case, my fix was to adjust the media player options and reset the
folder path to something else.

Hope this helps,


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