Delete key in form region textbox deleting email instead


Mark B

OL2007, VSTO C#

I have a number spinner in a form region. If the user tries to delete some
text in it with the delete key on the keyboard, Outlook instead has been
deleting the email.

If have tried to intercept the following events to no avail:

bool nonNumberEntered = false;

private void numericUpDownCustomNumber_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs

nonNumberEntered = false;
if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Delete || e.KeyCode == Keys.Back)
nonNumberEntered = true;

private void numericUpDownCustomNumber_KeyPress(object sender,
KeyPressEventArgs e)
if (nonNumberEntered == true)
// Stop the character from being entered into the control
since it is a delete keypress.
e.Handled = true;


If anyone knows a way I'd appreciate it. Worst case I thought I could
temporarily enable a delete confirmation popup but can't see that Outlook
has that option.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Is this happening when the item is opened, or only when it's being view in
the reading pane? If the reading pane that's a known bug in form regions and
I've never seen a successful workaround other than locking the controls when
the item is being displayed in the reading pane.

Mark B

Only when being viewed in the reading pane.

The only way I could think of working around it is to use some sort of brute
force API call to disable the delete key on the keyboard when the spinner
gets focus and release it again when it loses focus.

I'll attempt to research that.

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