Delayed Write Failes?


Melvin Edward

Hi All,

I have a problem intermittently with a Delayed write failure; source MRxSmb
evident ID 50, Windows was unable to save all the data for the file
\device\lamanRedirector, data is lost. This occurs from the 5 workstations
updating the files to the server, the error shows up on the workstations,
the server (Xp-Pro) shows no errors. The error definition says it's a
network or hardware issue. I changed the hub and still have the problem. It
may run for two hours without a problem.

Melvin Edward


Probably best to move this to the appropriate server group
However what AV are you running
If something like McAfee that has network scanning turned on "TURN IT OFF"
and make sure your AV is something server based like Trend WFBS



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