just got a new pc with Vista home Premium on it and I'm not sure
disk defragmentation works. After an hour or so it says its still
defragmenting but there's nothing I can see to let me know whether or
it's still working. Even if I leave it on all night it never says
defragmenting is not complete.
longer that 10 mins. even though they have a lot of data on them. The
pc has nothing but Vista and some programs so it should it's been on for 8


I too got fed up with the Vista disk defragger not having any graphical
representation. So I decided to find an alternative and came across
Auslogics Disk Defrag. It seems to
work well and it's free. If you can afford to buy a defragger then I would
recommend the latest Diskeeper. I think you can get a 45 day trial version
of Diskeeper so it might be worth trying out.



Rick Rogers


Defrag now runs as a behind the scenes, low priority process and works
fairly continuously as do many other bakcground processes. There's really
nothing to see, but you can always use a third party program if that's
important to you. Some programs have added features that may appeal to some
users, like defragging the mft.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts

Bob J

Diskeeper 2008 (a very good defrag) also does not have a ongoing graphic
display works in the background / low priority as MS Defrag. So it s most
probably not what you want.
Why would you want to sit in front of a screen and watch little boxes change
places or a graph run up/down.
Defrag may take all day but only when PC idle or what ever settings you
choose. If your PC is defrag & you decide to use PC, defrag stops, then
carries on when you are finished.
Bob J
If advise given from anyone, solves problem or not, or if solved from
another source,post back & let us know.
Then we all benefit.


I have seen systems that have required more than 24 hours to defragment.

One thing to watch with these energy-efficient computers is that they go to
sleep when they are not used, which means that during those hours you were
running it all night the system went to sleep and thus did nothing. The fix
is to go into your power settings and disable all these functions until you
get done. You can usually turn your screen off by pressing the button under
the bottom center of the panel. (Don't forget you did it.)

For a good sanity check, run Computer - (drive) - Right click and select
Properties, then run Error Checking (the old Chkdsk, I guess). That would
take away one reason why defrag would hang.

I remember reading that there is a reason why the defrag display can no
longer be done. That display was possible up to FAT32 file formats only,
not NTFS though I thought we had it with NT 4.0.


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