Defender vs AdWare SE Plus



I have the Windows Defender (up to date) and Adware SE Plus with AdWatch SE
Plus also installed on my PC. This morning at bootup AdWatch intercepted a
change to the StartUp Programs for Windows. I blocked the change requested
via AdWatch (allow or block buttons). A few seconds later Defender
intercepted the same update. I reviewed actions to be taken, selected block
from the drop down and clicked on Apply button. Defender failed with an error
code of 0x80004005.

At this point I rebooted the PC, let AdWatch intercept the change to Startup
and waited until Defender got it. I blocked the change with Defender whick
completed successfully, and then blocked it with AdWatch.

At bootup, AdWatch is started way before Defender. Folks who have these
installed on there PC's will normally take action with AdWatch before
Defender even sees it. This will result in Defender failing with error
0x80004005. Please pass along to the Windoes Defender Beta group. Have a good

Dave M

.....humm. That sounds like clear evidence of a RTP conflict. First I've
seen for Defender, although I was late to the party, and I didn't follow
these newsgroups for months after the initial release. Have there been
other reports of such conflicts since the release of Beta 2 that anyone is
aware of? Specifically, I'd be interested in SpySweeper/Defender conflicts
other than the standard Common Adds sites additions to Hosts that Defender
complains about.

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