Defender failed to find .dll that Trend says is a Trojan



My Trend Micro says that I have two files that are Trojans but when I custom
scan with both Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials neither identifies
the two as Trojans. Trend says that rw430ext.dll and rw450ext.dll both
located in the service pack three cabinet are infected.

Any one have this problem? Do not want to delete or disable a "good" file.


Bill Sanderson

You should talk to Trend Micro support--they have free chat support at their
support portal site.

Another idea would be to submit these files to and see
whether other vendors see them as infected.


Hi Dave,

This could well be a false positive.

One way to get fuÑther information is to find

rw430ext.dll and rw450ext.dll both

on your system, and submit the file at one or more of the following sites:


In the file to upload area press Browse then follow the path to the exe /
dll file :
Then press Submit and copy and paste the results to notepad and save them so
you can post back the results if needed.

Each has a bÑowse window in the upper right to do the submission, and will
check out your file with 10 or so antivirus vendors with one submission.

A clean reading at these sites is not proof that a file is safe, but I'd say
in this case that it is likely to be a good indicator that, in fact, the file
is safe, and you are seeing a false positive.

Report a possible spyware problem to Microsoft
<[email protected].>

It would be a good idea to scan.

I recommend downloading and installing
MalwareBytes' Antimalware (MBAM) and
SUPERAntiSpywaÑe (SAS).

Do a full scan with MalwaÑeBytes' and


After the software is updated, it is suggested scanning the system in Safe

SUPERAntiSpyware just put up a Online Safe Scan at
if you cannot install and/or run the current SUPERAntiSpyware product due to
an infection.

SUPERAntiSpyware is worth a try. In addition to its focus on detecting and
removing spyware infections, this progÑam deals with trojans and other types
of threats such as dialers, keyloggers, worms, rootkits, etc.


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is another alteÑnative which can be used to scan
and remove trojans, along with other malware such as viruses, worms,
rootkits, dialers and spyware.

The programs are free. (There is a paid veÑsion but
you don't need to buy it to remove malware.)

No one anti-virus never catches & removes everything because there are
millions of possible infections. The same for antispiwaÑe programs.

Good luck


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