Defender Does nor remove Win32/Fotomoto and Win32/Virtumonde



Windows defender identifies these spywares, and everytime it is idetified it
says removed but then the next day i reboot my system these items are again
identified by windows defender. This identification and removal process goes
on a daily basis.

today i found the DLL file that Win32/Virtumonde (trojan) was associated
with and renamed it with a diff extension; does this help.

but the other one Win32/Fotomoto (BrowserModifier) creeps up every day and
there is no details of this on microsofts site.

What is happening guys, assist me on this.

i run Trend Micro Office scan client along with Windows Defender.


You might try the free version of SuperAntiSpyware available at This software seems to do a very good job removing
stubborn malware.


you sure about this software, as i have heard that this software itself
comes with a spyware or malware attached.

there any way i can manually remove them from my system

Dave M

Sure there's a manual route, but the ones I've seen online for Scamware
removal by the experts, also initially use SuperAntiSpyware before they get
to HijackThis for complete removal, you might look here:
Note: the above code was created specifically for this user. If you are not
this user, do NOT follow these directions as they could damage the workings
of your system.

See here for trustworthy Anti-Spyware recommendations, many on the web
aren't trustworthy:


Yes, I am sure. I have used SuperAntiSpyware and it is not malware. McAfee
Site Advisor warns about some downloads from this site, but the warning isn't
about SuperAntiSpyware itself.


and I am doubly sure
Superantispyware is one of the best free antimalware/ anti trojan software
out there.
It has saved me many times not having to reformat the computer

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