Compatibility Problem with Symantec AntiVirus and Windows Defender



Here is a problem that I ned some help with.
Situation: I have two computers, a Dimenstion 9100 and a Inspiron 9400.
Both run Symantec AntiVirus. The Laptop (9400) has a newer version of
Symatec Both had MS Anti Spyware (Beta 1) installed. And no
problems existed.
A few days ago, while surfing, I found out that Windows Defender(Beta 2) had
made its deput, so, since I had no problem with Beta 1, I installed it.
Since then, on the Inspiron 9400 only, as soon as I start a scan on EITHER
Windows Defender(Beta 2) or Symatec AntiVirus ( I receive an
immediate Pop up warning which states:
Symantec Tamper Protection
Target: C:\Program Files/Symamtec Antivirus\vp32 exe
Event info: Open process
Action taken: Blocked
Action Process: C;\Program Files\Windpws Defender\MsMp Eng. exe (PID 1292)

I have run various scans using both programs, neither has found any virus or
spyware. In other words they have found no problems. But that pop up
warning appears each and every time.
On the other newsgroup I was advised not to run a Beta program, it also
asked me if I was a paid Beta Tester(Hell no, I am fairly computer literate,
but certainly not in the field of Virus or spyware detection). I was also
advised to remove Windows Defender from my system and directed to various
sites for Virus removal.
I can't believe that I downloaded a Virus, I run Virus scans on a daily
basis. And simply receive a clean bill of health every time.
Since the I have reconfigured the Symatec Antivirus Tamper protection
setting to log the fault, rather than blocking it, figuring that perhaps the
Anti Virus Program is blocking Windows Defender from working.
But the Warning persissts, now it reads as follows:
Target: C:\program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\vpc32.exe
Event Info: Open Process
Adction Taken: Logged
Actor Process: C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe (PID 1292)
I repeat, this happens on the 9400 Laptop only.This problem had not occurred
with MS Anti Spyware (Beta 1), but it came with the installation of Windows
Defender (Beta 2), and on one machine only.
Can anyone help me get rid of what ever ails this machine?
Thanks for listening



I, too, was satisfied with Giant and went for WD as why not, it is from
Microsoft, and is an upgraded Giant, right?

Not so!

Many features on Giant are missing in WD, although WD does have a more
attractive and user-friendly presentation.

It appears you have system conflicts in your root programming involving
Symantec that did not occur under the Giant installation. I recommend
removing WD, reboot, then re-install Giant. I also like to use Lavasoft
Ad-aware, and my Iolo System Mechanic has a cool anti-spyware feature as
well. I even use the bare-bones anti-spyware protection offered by the
Yahoo! Toolbar. Between these tools as well as my Norton Internet Security
Package, my DOD security rated laptop is always completely free of viruses
and spyware.

It appears that WD isn't ready yet for "prime-time".
Oct 7, 2009
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In my experience, indicating the folders is not enough, you have to give the
full path to each file, including the file name.
>> If you be clearly on the modern version of Windows Defender
> I'm by means of Windows protector Version: 1.1.1593.0
>> In Defender, in the Tools, option dialogs, you can scroll down--look for
>> a large open box--and Add areas to be barred from scanning--you possibly will
> I'm excluding the following location:
> c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\
> c:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\
> c:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\
> Actor: c:\Program Files\Windows Defender\msmpeng.exe (pid=1772)
> Target: c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\cclgview.exe
> Action: unofficial access
> Reaction: Unauthorized right to use closed
> Is it potential that Windows Defender is still scanning the locations that

> Thanks,

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