Defective SadnDisk CF in XPe device

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Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras


I got a SanDisk Ultra II 512 MB from a XPe device. It was used as data
drive, so it was expected to die after a time - and it did. Now I
wonder if this kind of failure is common with worn out FLASH. All the
files are still there, but I can not write to the drive any more, not
on flie system level, and also not directly to the drive.

Now I have heard that SSDs act this way to prevent loss of data when
they are worn out - so it still is possible to backup the data. Is it
possible the CFs behave similar? But on the other hand there is no
reduced capacity...

Any ideas? Single failure, or wear?

Thank you, and with best regards



Ralph A. Schmid



Mike Warren

Any ideas? Single failure, or wear?

I don't know, but I saw the same behaviour with a USB flash drive
last week. It seemed to work again after reformatting it.


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