default shares missing: ADMIN$, C$ gone


Kyle Herrmann

I just discovered that a Windows 2000 terminal server that I built a few
months ago is
missing its default shares: admin$, c$. The only share that is there is
IPC$. I am not sure how or why they are missing, as our other servers,
which I didn't build, do have them. I am not sure if I screwed something up
in the setup, or not.

I am not sure exactly what to do...I've tried manually recreating the ADMIN$
share and I get an error trying to do that.

Might this have something to do with Compaq SMARTSTART? This is the first
server I have built using the smartstart disc to do the install of the OS.

Can anyone provide insite into why these shares are missing?


Doug Sherman [MVP]

Don't know about smartstart, but use regedit and go to:


If there is an entry called AutoShareWks, delete it. See:;EN-US;314984

If there is no such entry, go to Administrative Tools/Services and restart
the Server service.

Doug Sherman

Kyle Herrmann

I had seen that article and tried that...sorry, I should have come back to
mention that, but unfortunately, it did not work.

But, I just noticed a new post down the board talking about their IPC$ share
missing and they were told to run 'net share IPC$'. I did the same thing
with 'ADMIN$' and it created the share.

Thanks for the reply, though, I appreciate it.

Kyle Herrmann

What that article didn't mention is the key: 'autoshareserver' which was
also part of the problem. I set it back to 1 and it is good to go.

Thanks again.
Aug 8, 2011
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Windows Server Enterprise 2008 SP1 (x64)
Had some missing '$' shares, including c$. Didn't have the 'AutoShareWks' key, so tried restarting the 'Server' service (with a few seconds delay between stop and start). Pleased to report, that action worked for me!

Many thanks for the tip, Doug.

Barnsta :D

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